An earful

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There was no escape.

Sweety continued to cry.

Curly went on explaining what had happened.

“The swing almost hit the roof” Curly informed Monkey Mama.

Monkey Mama was very angry.

She scolded Willy non-stop.

Willy was looking down all the time.

Monkey Mama looked at Charlie.

“Thank you for stopping him” she thanked Charlie and then Curly.

“Please don’t let Willy go closer to the swing hereafter” she told Charlie.

Charlie nodded his head.

Curly felt proud but Charlie did not.

He felt bad for Willy.

Rabbit Mama too felt the same.

“Willy would not do it again” she told Monkey Mama.

Then she started setting the table for tea.

“Let’s have some tea” she invited everyone.

Everybody sat down for tea.

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