Benefits of Vitamin D

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The science teacher entered the class.

Savan did not see her coming.

He was waiting outside the class in the sun.

“What’s Savan doing there?” the teacher inquired from the class.

“Getting Vitamin D I think” prankster Aditya replied.

Teacher smiled.

“Can you please call him in” teacher told Tarun.

Tarun rushed out and returned to the class with Savan.

Savan looked a little embarrassed.

“Aditya can you tell a benefit of vitamin D” the teacher posed a question to Aditya.

Everyone smiled.

They knew the teacher had asked the question because of his joke.

Aditya could not think of a reply immediately.

“Savan?” teacher turned at Savan.

“It strengthens bones” Savan said.

“Good and it also boost immunity” the teacher replied.

“It fights against flu and common colds” she added.

The class got interested in that information.

After all the flu and colds are quite common among everyone.



What was Savan doing when the science teacher entered the class?

What was the health benefit of vitamin D that Savan mentioned?

What is the benefit that teacher explained?

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