Willy’s worry

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The swing dragged Charlie and Curly a few feet.

Charlie pulled the ropes really hard.

Finally the swing stopped with a jerk.

Sweety jumped off it.

She was crying.

Curly accompanied her to the cottage.

“What’s wrong with you Willy?” an angry Charlie asked Willy.

“You’ll get an earful when your mama gets to know of this” he cautioned.

Willy started getting worried.

His mama was expected to join them at the rabbit cottage shortly.

“I hope Sweety would not tell Mama” Willy mumbled.

“One look at Sweety and she’ll know something has gone wrong” Charlie explained.

Right then they saw Charlie’s Mama returning from the grocery.

“Hello Willy” Rabbit Mama greeted Willy before going into the cottage.

Willy smiled back weakly.

He knew Rabbit Mama would hear the story now.

He looked at Charlie.

Charlie too looked worried.

A few minutes later they saw Willy’s Mama down the road.

She passed the gate and walked towards the boys.

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