Shadow’s escapade

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Tara pleaded with her mother.

“Let’s take Shadow with us Amma”

Tara and mother were stepping out for a walk.

Shadow had not gone for a walk for some time.

Only Tarun takes Shadow for walks on a lead.

Since he is a big German Shepherd it’s not easy controlling him.

He runs behind other dogs.

So mother does not walk him.

“Oh Tara we would not be able to control him” mother explained.

However Tara continued to plead.

Finally mother put Shadow on a lead.

Mother, Tara and Shadow started walking down the lane.

Some of the dogs started barking at Shadow from behind the gates.

Shadow got angry.

He dragged mother with the lead towards a gate to attack a dog.

“Shadow stop, stop” mother sreamed.

Tara too helped mother to pull back Shadow.

They managed to stop him about two feet away from the gate.

Shadow was barking ferociously.

So was the other dog.

Both mother and Tara were exhausted from pulling at their dog.

Tara realised her mistake.

“Let’s take him back” mother said.

They returned home and left Shadow there.

Afterwards mother and daughter started walking peacefully.

“Let’s ask Tarun to walk him” mother said half way during the walk.



Why is it difficult to control Shadow?

Why did Shadow pull the lead towards a gate?

What did mother and Tara do after the incident?

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