Nitara’s umbrella

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Nitara’s umbrella

Nitara is a classmate of Tara.

One day Nitara walked into the classroom crying.

Tara, Amanda and others gathered around her.

“What happened?” they inquired.

“My umbrella broke” Nitara said between sobs.

Nitara had a very beautiful umbrella.

It was a gift from her aunt.

The yellow coloured umbrella had a frill around its border.

It was raining that morning.

So Nitara had opened it just before she stepped out of the school van.

The umbrella had got entangled in the door of the van.

Nitara had pulled at it.

“Then it broke” she said crying.

Tara felt so sorry for Nitara.

“Let me inspect it” Tara requested.

Nitara gave the umbrella to Tara.

Tara opened it to see the damage.

The ribs of the umbrella were intact.

Only the thread of the canopy had come off from a rib hole.

“This is not broken” Tara declared.

Nitara stopped crying and looked at the umbrella again.

“You can stitch this canopy part back into the rib” she opined.

The others too had a look at it.

“Yes it’s not broken” they all said.

Nitara wiped her tears and smiled.

All her classmates smiled with her.



What did Nitara say when asked why she was crying?

What had happened when she opened the umbrella?

Why did Nitara stop crying and look at the umbrella again?

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