Simple solution

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The science teacher was leaving school.

The class was divided over what to gift her her with.

There was a suggestion to buy her a nice handbag.

Even Tarun was in support of that.

Aditya made another suggestion.

He proposed they should get a plaque done.

“We all can write our names on it then” he said.

Many of the others agreed with that suggestion.

“It will take some time to get one done” Tarun said.

“It will be too big for the teacher to carry if we include all the names” Savan said joining Tarun.

Aditya explained that he could get a plaque done soon.

He argued that since they write only the first name it would not take up much space.

Tharindu and many others agreed with him.

The arguments continued.

It reached a deadlock.

Meanwhile Tarun’s friend Nikhil entered the classroom.

Having listened to all suggestions he offered a simple solution.

“I will toss a coin. Will you agree to the result?” he asked.

Everyone was tired of arguments by then.

They saw the fun side of tossing a coin too.

So they readily agreed.

Heads for a handbag and tail for a plaque.

Nikhil tossed the coin.

Supporters of plaque won the toss.

They cheered.

Tarun and others readily gave in laughing heartily.

Everyone thanked Nikhil for finding the solution.



What were the two items suggested as the gift?

What was Savan’s argument against opting for a plaque?

What did the defeated party do finally?

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