Tara’s big worry

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It was a Saturday.

Tara was really confused.

She was walking up and down in her room.

Two dresses were on her bed.

One was a yellow one and the other was pink.

She liked both.

Her family had to attend a dinner that evening.

Tara could not make up her mind about what to wear.

She liked both dresses.

From morning till noon she was trying to decide.

Mother walked into Tara’s room.

She saw a distressed Tara.

Tara explained her problem.

“Oh don’t worry much about the dress” mother consoled her.

“It’s not a party, just a family dinner” she reminded Tara.

“Aunt Vanessa would welcome you in any dress” mother added smiling.

Then it struck Tara. Yes that’s true.

She has been worrying too much about a minor thing.

A simple nice dress would do.

Both the dresses on the bed were party dresses.

Tara put the dresses back into the wardrobe.

Next she took out her beige coloured dress.

It’s a simple, comfortable dress.

“Yes that would do” mother said taking it in hand.

“I will iron this for you” she said walking out of the room.

Tara thought how useless all her worrying had been.



Why was Tara worried?

Why did Tara put back the two dresses into the wardrobe?

What did she finally think of?

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