Helping Kevin

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It was raining non-stop for a few days.

Strong winds blew through the area.

Kevin is a friend of Tarun.

He also lives on the same lane.

There’s a tall Pihimbiya tree in Kevin’s garden.

One afternoon a big branch of the tree broke due to the wind.

It fell on the roof of their open veranda.

When Tarun returned home he heard about the incident.

He had a body shower and had a quick lunch.

Tarun ran to Kevin’s immediately afterwards.

The broken branch had been removed by then.

However everything looked so messy.

Broken tiles were scattered everywhere.

There were leaves and parts of the branch on the floor.

Kevin’s father had rushed home from office.

Kevin too had just returned home.

He looked stunned.

Tarun’s friend Nipun was there talking to Kevin.

A few other friends too arrived minutes later.

Tarun, Nipun and the boys collected the broken tiles.

They piled them at the backyard.

The leaves were swept along with what was leftover of the branch.

A group of workmen came to fix the roof.

By then except for the broken roof everything looked neat and tidy.

Kevin’s parents thanked the boys profusely and served them with tea.

The boys were happy that they could help Kevin’s family.



On what did the tree fall?

Other than broken tiles what else were there on the floor?

Why were the boys happy?


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