New Family

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That was indeed big news.

A new family had arrived in the village.

It was a pony family.

Never before had ponies lived in the village.

The new family visited the grocery one day.

Besides the parents there were three little ponies as well.

One pony was pure white.

Curly and Charlie got curious.

They followed the family to Papa Rabbit’s grocery.

Pony papa introduced his family to Papa Rabbit.

Papa Rabbit warmly welcomed them.

He saw Curly and Charlie waiting outside.

Papa called them in.

“These are my children, Curly and Charlie” he told the ponies.

Pony Mama introduced herself and the others to Curly and Charlie.

“I am Daisy and this is my husband Quincy” she said.

“These are my daughters Maya and Amaya” Daisy added.

Maya and Amaya both were light brown.

They smiled with Curly and Charlie.

Next, Daisy pointed at the little white pony.

“This is our son Vega” she said.

Vega immediately looked down.

Charlie and Curly realised that he was too shy.

A few seconds later Charlie saw Vega slowly raising his head.

He smiled a little with Charlie.

Charlie flashed a big smile.

He knew that Vega will be a friend of his soon.

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