Thought that counts

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The gate bell rang.

Tara’s mother opened the gate.

It was Tara’s friend Natasha and her mother.

Tara’s mother welcomed the two neighbours.

Natasha went looking for Tara.

“Tara, look what I have got for you….” she shouted.

Tara came running into the verandah.

“I got you marshmallows” Natasha declared smiling.

Tara loved marshmallows.

“Oh thank you” Tara beamed.

Together they opened the box of sweets.

However they were both horrified by what they saw.

There were ants all over the marshmallows.

Natasha looked so upset.

She was almost about to cry.

 “Oh how did the ants get in Amma?” Natasha asked her mother.

“You would not have closed the box properly” Natasha’s mother said.

 “Natasha had been keeping the box for days to be given to Tara” she told Tara.

Tara felt so sorry for Natasha.

She held Natasha’s hand.

“It’s ok Natasha, thank you for thinking about me” Tara consoled her.

Tara’s mother too felt sorry for Natasha.

“Yes it is the thought that counts” she said stroking Natasha’s head.

Natasha felt much better.

“I baked some cupcakes today” Tara’s mother declared.

“Do you want some?” she asked Natasha smiling.

Natasha smiled broadly.



Who did Tara’s mother see when she opened the gate?

What had Natasha got for Tara?

What did Tara’s mother tell Natasha stroking her head?

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