There is always hope

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Willy stormed into the pantry.

“Mama I can’t study with Sweety” he grumbled.

“What happened?” a curious Mama monkey inquired.

“Sweety says I am a hopeless case” a sulky monkey boy said.

Mama called his daughter.

“Sweety, come here”

Sweety explained her side of the story.

“He would not understand the sum however much I explained” she said.

“But that’s not a reason to call him hopeless” Mother said.

“He is good in other subjects” she pointed out.

Sweety spoke after a pause.

“Anyway I am not going to help him with home work again” she said.

Mama spoke softly.

“Please be patient with him my dear” she said.

“Would you like anyone calling you hopeless?” she asked her daughter.

Sweety looked down.

“Just like you find science difficult he finds maths difficult” Mama explained.

“So when you call him ‘names’ he feels very sad” she added.

Sweety slowly returned to the living room.

She sat on a chair and thought about what Mama had told her.

Sweety felt sorry for her brother.

Willy was nowhere to be seen.

Sweety went looking for him.

He was in the bedroom.

Willy shut his eyes when Sweety entered the room.

Sweety spoke softly to her brother.

“Willy lets go and do the homework”

Willy did not move.

“I am sorry. I will not call you by names again” she apologised.

Willy felt much better, but he did not want to show it.

Sweety knew how to wake him up.

She started tickling him.

Willy screamed and laughed aloud.

“Ok Ok I will come” he said laughing.

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