Saved by the umbrella

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Rainy days are back.

Tarun went looking for mother.

He wanted to buy an exercise book.

“Amma I am going to the grocery” he told mother.

 “It’s about to rain, take the umbrella” mother advised.

However Tarun was a little reluctant.

“I can return before the rain” he said.

“It’s going to rain any minute” mother warned.

Reluctantly Tarun took the big umbrella with him.

Just as he entered the grocery it started raining.

There was heavy rain.

So many people ran into the grocery to take cover.

Tarun was glad that he had the umbrella.

He bought the book.

Then he saw a neighbour of his, Mrs Gunasekara too at the grocery.

She is a retired teacher.

“Mrs Gunasekara, come, I will take you home” Tarun informed.

Mrs Gunasekara thanked him profusely.

Tarun dropped her at her home and returned to his.

He told Tara how he helped Mrs Gunasekara to reach home in the rain.

“I am so glad that I took the umbrella” Tarun told his sister.

“Otherwise I too would have got stranded in the grocery” he explained.

Tara smiled.

“Mother’s advice is always the best” she informed.

Tarun agreed wholeheartedly.



Why did Tarun want to go to the grocery?

When did it start raining?

According to Tarun, what would have happened if he did not take the umbrella?

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