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The water in the pond was so cold.

Chubby tried to get out of the pond.

Every time he tried the bees stung him.

Mama deer got very angry.

She was waiting outside the pond with the table cloth.

 “Why are you harassing my child?” Mama yelled at the bees.

The bees started shouting back.

“A fine son you have got” they complained.

“We have never seen such a bad child” the bees told Mama.

Mama was surprised.

The bees told her the story in bits and pieces.

Mama realised what Chubby had done was wrong.

She felt so sad.

“I will ask my husband to compensate you” Mama promised the bees.

“Please leave Chubby alone” she pleaded with them.

The bees had a small meeting.

“We are leaving, but please discipline this boy” the bees told Mama.

Having said that they flew away.

Both Mama and Chubby watched them fly away.

A shivering Chubby slowly came out of the pond.

Mama wrapped him with the table cloth.

She escorted Chubby home without saying a word.


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