Borrowed book

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Tara came home a little hurt.

She took her Sinhala book from the bag.

Next she plugged in the iron.

Tara tried to smooth the bent corner of the book.

Mother came looking for Tara.

She saw Tara ironing a book.

She was curious.

“Why are you ironing the book Tara?” mother inquired.

Tara raised her head.

She looked sad.

“Savani returned the book today and its corner is bent” she said softly.

Savani is a classmate of Tara.

Savani was sick last week.

So she borrowed Tara’s book to write down the lesson.

Mother knew how much Tara loved her books.

Tara always kept her books neat and tidy.

“Let me straighten the crease Tara” mother said kindly.

“I can smooth it” she assured.

“You change your clothes and have a body shower” she added.

Tara was relieved.

She knew mother would fix it.

Tara knew that she helped Savani by lending her book.

She wondered why those who borrow books cannot treat them with care.



Why did Tara plug in the iron?

Why did Savani borrow Tara’s book?

What did Tara think about her lending the book to Savani?

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