Intentional and unintentional

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Tara found it so funny.

Her brother Tarun was busy gardening.

Tara tip toed towards him.

There were a few plants in bags next to him.

Tara could not figure what they were.

“What are you planting Aiya” she asked.

“Veralu, Jambu and ambarella” Tarun replied.

Tara loves veralu.

So she was so happy.

Tarun was loosening the ground with a mamoty.

Tara kept watching.

All of a sudden she saw something awful.

A big worm had been cut into two by the mamoty.

Tarun too stopped and looked at it.

“Oh Aiya you cut that worm into two” Tara screamed.

“I didn’t” Tarun protested.

“I did not see the worm” he corrected himself.

“Do you think I would intentionally harm a worm?” He asked Tara.

Tara thought for a second.

She realised what her brother said was true.

 “Will the two parts live separately” Tara asked him.

“I don’t think so” Tarun said sadly.

He kept looking at the worm.

Tara felt sorry for her brother.

“You did not cut the worm intentionally” Tara reminded him.

Tarun nodded his head in agreement.



What were the plants in the bags next to Tarun?

What was the awful thing that Tara saw?

What did Tara remind Tarun of?

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