Why sleep’s essential

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Tara had a relaxed holiday for a month.

She was all excited when the new term begun.

Tara felt a little tired by the time the last period began.

She returned home, had a body shower and had her lunch.

Around 4 pm she lied down on the bed.

Tara fell fast asleep.

She woke up and looked at the clock.

Five minutes to 6 O’clock.

Tara felt bad about sleeping for so long.

Besides she had home work.

“How to finish homework before 7 pm?” she wondered.

7 pm is the family dinner time.

Tara went looking for mother.

“Amma I have overslept” she shared her guilt with mother.

“I don’t know whether I can finish homework before dinner” she added.

Mother smiled.

“Why Tara, others can wait for dinner till you finish your work” mother assured her.

“You have slept for two hours because you were tired” she explained.

 “Your body needs time to adjust from holidays to schooldays” she concluded.

Tara thought about that.

“Yes Amma is right” she realised.

She went to her room to do the home work.



What did Tara do around 4 pm?

What made her feel bad?

What did mother say about dinner?

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