Friendship over rivalry

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It was Chubby, the deer boy’s idea.

He said he can run faster than Charlie.

Charlie, the rabbit boy did not agree.

So finally Chubby suggested that they run a race.

They were to run from Charlie’s home to Chubby’s.

Willy, the monkey boy was tempted to join the race.

However he knew he could not run as fast as his friends.

“What shall I do when you two run?” he asked his friends?

“You can be the judge” Chubby suggested.

“How can I?” asked Willy.

“You two will run at a neck-breaking speed” he explained.

“I won’t be able to catch up with you two” he added.

“Ok then you wait near our house till we finish” Chubby suggested.

Willy was not happy.

Anyhow Chubby drew a line on ground.

That marked the starting point.

After that he stood right behind the line.

Charlie dragged his feet to the line.

“I don’t feel like running” he told Chubby and Willy.

“You know you are going to lose” Chubby chuckled.

Charlie shook his head.

“No. I may win or lose” he starting making a point.

“But whoever who is going to lose will feel bad” Charlie emphasised.

“Besides Willy can’t take part in the race” he reminded.

“So only one among three of us will be happy finally” he added soberly.

Willy clapped in agreement.

Chubby thought for a few seconds.

“Ok race cancelled then” he declared.

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