The baby

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Tara and her family were at the temple.

The family was offering alms to temple monks.

They entered the shrine room for the Buddha Pooja.

A monk started delivering a small sermon.

Then Tara saw something.

A tiny baby was on a mat a little away from her.

The baby had to be only a couple of months old.

The little baby was there with her mother and grandmother.

She was a beautiful baby girl.

Tara kept looking at her.

All of a sudden the baby started crying.

Tara became worried.

The baby was crying aloud.

The baby’s grandmother got up.

She lifted the baby off the mat.

After that she went left the shrine room carrying the baby.

Even then the baby’s loud cries were heard by those in the shrine room.

Then the baby’s mother got up.

She went out to attend to her baby.

The incident disturbed the devotees in the shrine room.

After the sermon Tarun walked up to the mother.

“They should not bring babies to temple” he told her.

The mother smiled.

“It’s ok to bring them to the temple, but not during sermons” mother corrected him.

Tara too agreed fully with her mother.



Why did Tara’s family visit the temple?

What did baby’s grandmother do when the baby started crying?

What did mother say about bringing babies to temple?

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