Natasha’s skipping rope

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Tara was so happy.

It was after months that she met Natasha.

Natasha is her neighbour.

She was visiting Tara with her mother.

Natasha has brought a new skipping rope.

Tara’s skipping rope is too small for her now.

So Natasha offered hers to Tara to skip first.

Tara started skipping.

Natasha stood a few feet away.

When the rope went past Tara Natasha would jump up.

That way both friends started jumping.

The two friends were laughing aloud and jumping.

All of a sudden Natasha missed her timing.

The rope got entangled in her legs.

She fell down.

Luckily they were in the lawn.

Tara was horrified.

She dropped the skipping rope and knelt down next to Natasha.

“Did you get injured?” she asked.

Natasha was wiping her knees.

“I should be ok” Natasha said smiling.

Tara was pleasantly surprised.

Natasha used to cry for the slightest thing before.

So Tara was expecting her to cry after the fall.

However instead of crying she smiled.

Tara was so happy that Natasha has changed for the better.



What did Natasha bring along when she visited Tara?

Why did the skipping rope get entangled in Natasha’s legs?

What made Tara happy?

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