Time to get fit

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School holidays are back.

Nipun was racing down the lane on the bike.

Tarun was behind him on his bike.

He was feeling tired.

“Slow down” Tarun yelled.

“I won’t” Nipun said laughing.

He started pedaling faster and faster.

Tarun slowed down near the ground.

He got off the bike and kept it on the ground.

After that he lied down on the grass.

They had been cycling only for about twenty minutes.  

However Tarun was feeling tired already.

A cool breeze swept through the ground.

He fell asleep.

Time passed.

“Wake up”

Tarun opened his eyes to see Nipun smiling at him.

“I cycled for about forty minutes more” he said panting.

“You have been happily dozing off all that time” he added.

Tarun felt ashamed.

“You have become lazy Tarun?” Nipun nagged his friend.

“I have put on some weight” Tarun confessed.

“So I feel tired easily now” he added smiling.

“You have put on at least five kilos” Nipun emphasised.

“And got a pot too” he said punching his friend’s stomach.

“I have been binging” Tarun admitted.

“Get up and cycle a little more” Nipun urged.

Tarun stood up.

“You can drop that extra weight in a week if you try” Nipun said encouragingly.

Tarun got on the bike again and started cycling.

Nipun sat on the grass and watched him.




Why was Tarun feeling tired?

What did he do after keeping the bike on the ground?

What did Nipun tell Tarun to encourage him?





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