Who is coming?

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Papa Deer entered the grocery.

He came to talk to his friend, Papa Rabbit.

It was about the Rocky Ridge village.

A week had passed since Papa Deer and the others visited there.

On their return they wrote letters to the government.

However there was no response from the government.

Everyone was started worrying.

“I hope we hear something soon” Papa Deer told Papa Rabbit.

“Rocky Ridge villagers need help urgently” he emphasised.

Papa Rabbit could not visit the village.

However his friend and others had already briefed him.

“I wish I could go along with you on that day” he told Papa Deer.

“You should go there one day. It’s a stunning village” Papa Deer added.

A little later Karl, the fox, entered the grocery.

He came to buy provisions.

Karl too was among those who visited Rocky Ridge village with Papa Deer.

Three of them continued with the discussion.

Time passed.

Papa Deer saw someone walking towards the grocery.

He could not make out that person.

“Who is that?” he asked Papa Rabbit and Karl.

Even they could not identify him.

Three of them kept staring at the person.

When he got closer they recognised him.

It was Elvis from the Rocky Ridge farm.

“What could bring him here?” they wondered.

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