The value of a well

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Savan is a classmate of Tarun.

His birthday fell on a Saturday.

He invited Tarun and a few friends for lunch on that day.

Father dropped Tarun at Savan’s place around 11am.

He was the first friend to arrive.

Savan took Tarun around the garden till others arrived.

Savan had a big garden.

It was full of trees.

Right behind the garden there was a big well.

The well was very wide ,but not that deep.

It looked more like a big pond.

It was full of crystal clear water.

“I feel like having a bath” Tarun said smiling.

“Everyone says that” a smiling Savan responded.

“This well is over fifty years old” he pointed out.

“This is the only well that remains in the whole area” he added.

“What happened to the other wells?” Tarun asked.

“Some people had to close them due to land scarcity” Savan informed.

“But most of the people just closed the wells when they got piped water” he said.

“But it’s crazy to close a well because of a water line” Tarun argued.

“Yes that’s the thing” said Savan.

“Now some people come to our well to take water during long water cuts” he explained.

“They must have realised their loss” Tarun said.

“Yes and they have told us so” Savan informed smiling.

“My father says owning a well is like owning a treasure” he added.




What did Savan do when Tarun arrived before the others?

According to Savan what made most people close their wells?

To what had Savan’s father likened owning a well?

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