Clay art and neatness

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There was a knock on the door.

Curly, the rabbit girl, went to open it.

“Oh Sweety…” an overjoyed Curly said.

Curly hadn’t seen her friend for some time.

“Come and take a seat” Mama Rabbit invited her in.

“So what kept you busy?” Mama asked the monkey girl.

“We had a clay art competition in school Aunty” Sweety explained.

“For that we had to practise for weeks” she added.

“Clay art, that sounds interesting” Curly responded.

“Yes, but we had to beat the clock” Sweety informed.

“We had to finish our work within fifteen minutes” she said.

Mama went to organise tea for Sweety.

Curly wanted to know more about the competition.

“So how did the competition go?” a curious Curly asked.

“Did you get placed” she prodded.

“I came second” Sweety replied soberly.

“Barney came first” she informed.

“Barney…how come Barney beat you?” a puzzled Curly asked.

“You always did better than Barney” she reminded Sweety.

“Yes, but she obtained the highest marks” Sweety reiterated.

Then she started explaining what happened.

The teacher had asked students to create a clay zoo.

“We were given the topic only at the competition” she explained.

“So none of us was prepared” Sweety pointed out.

The students had been given only fifteen minutes for the work.

“I was doing a nice zoo, however I couldn’t keep up with time” Sweety said.

“So I finished in a hurry” she recalled.

“Barney’s one was good, but it was much neater” Sweety informed.

“So she won the prize” she concluded.

Mama Rabbit brought tea.

She joined in the conversation.

“Neatness matters in clay work” Mama emphasised.

“That will make the work more appealing” she added.

The two girls agreed.

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