Kola Kenda

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It was a Saturday morning.

Father prepared Kola Kenda for the family.

He put a number of leaves into the blender.

Tara loves Kola Kenda or green gruel.

However her brother Tarun isn’t very fond of such food.

Tarun was feeling hungry.

So he proceeded towards the pantry.

He made a face when he saw Kola Kenda.

“Do you know how nutritious Kola kenda is Tarun?” father asked.

Tarun was not sure.

“The leaves are full of anti-oxidants” father started explaining.

“They fight the damage to body caused by bad molecules” father added.

“The vitamins in the leaves help you fight illnesses and protect your eyes and skin” he pointed out.

“The protein in them helps build your body” he concluded.

Tarun was amased.

He never knew that Kola Kenda was so nutritious.

So he went for a second serving of Kola Kenda.

Tara shared a sly smile with father when he saw that.



What was father doing in the morning?

According to him what do anti-oxidants do?

What are the benefits of vitamins in Kola Kenda?

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