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Tarun was packing his bags.

He made sure he packed his boots.

Boots are a must for a hike in Haputale.

The phone in the house rang.

Mother answered the call.

He overheard what she said.

“Oh is that so, Tarun will be disappointed”

Tarun put his head out of his room door.

“What’s it Amma?”

Mother placed the receiver.

“Uncle Amith says hike cancelled due to heavy rain” she said soberly.

Mother knew the impact the news would have on Tarun.

Tarun’s face turned gloomy.

He was eagerly looking forward to the hike.

His mother’s cousin uncle Amith planned it months back.

Mother tried to console his son.

“It had been raining heavily there for days” she reminded.

“You would get drenched if you hike” mother continued.

“The tracks also must be dirty and muddy too due to the rain” she added.

Tarun figured that Amma was right.

He sat on his bed.

He felt bored.

Suddenly Tarun remembered something.

Yes the match.

The boys in the lane were to have a match tomorrow.

Tarun was feeling sad that he was going to miss it.

“Oh I must meet Nipun and tell I am joining” he thought excitedly.

“Amma I am off to Nipun’s” he almost yelled running towards the gate.



What was the reason for the cancellation of the hike?

What did mother say about the tracks?

Why did Tarun run towards the gate?

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