Tomato sauce mishap!

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Tara and Amanda were laughing non-stop.

It was the interval.

Anjula had watched a Tom and Jerry cartoon the previous night.

She was mimicking Tom Cat to them.

“Anjula you better start eating” Amanda reminded.

“There’s only five minutes for the art period” she added.

Anjula opened her tiffin box.

She took a burger from within.

She continued her act while having the burger.

“Finish eating and then do Tom Cat” Tara advised her.

However Anjula didn’t stop the act.

She spun around to show how Tom Cat fell down.

Then the most unexpected happened.

The tomato sauce in her burger dripped.

It splashed on her uniform.

Anjula was horrified.

“Oh dear, my uniform” a shocked Anjula responded.

Tara and Amanda too were disturbed.

“Better get it washed before the teacher arrives” Amanda reminded.

Anjula ran out of the classroom.

Tara and Amanda too followed her.

In the bathroom they helped Anjula to clean the sauce stains.

“I told you to finish eating first” Tara affirmed.

“You shouldn’t do other things when you eat” she advised her friend.

“Amma too tells me the same” Anjula informed.

“Good lesson for me today” she admitted.



What made Tara and Amanda laugh non-stop?

What did Tara tell Anjula when she did the act while eating?

What did Anjula finally say about the incident?

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