The broken branch

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Strong winds swept across the area.

Tara looked through the window.

Tara was horrified by what she saw.

A big branch from next door mango tree had been broken.

It had fallen on Tara’s compound.

The fallen branch had crushed several plants.

Among them was the Mangosteen tree.

A few branches of the Mangosteen tree were broken.

Tara ran to tell her mother.

Mother looked distressed.

“I told Mr. Seneviratne that this might happen” she said sorrowfully.

That branch of their mango tree had grown well over Tara’s compound.

Tara remembered her mother requesting Mrs. Seneviratne to prune it.

Mother phoned the nextdoor neighbor again.

Mrs Seneviratne arrived  in a couple of minutes.

She was disturbed on seeing the mess.

“I am so sorry. I told my husband several times to get someone to cut that branch” she explained.

“However he was too busy to look into that” she said apologetically.

Mrs. Seneviratne’s nephew too lived with them.

He was a university student.

Fortunately he was at home.

Mr. Seneviratne called him and he came over to help remove the broken branch.

“However busy he was uncle should have got the branch cut earlier” the nephew said.

“These people have grown these trees for years” he explained.

“It’s not fair that those trees got damaged due to our fault” he added.

Mr. Seneviratne nodded her head.



Why was Tara horrified?

According to Mrs. Seneviratne why couldn’t her husband get the branch cut?

What did her nephew say wasn’t fair?

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