Brotherly help

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Tarun was in his room.

All of a sudden he heard a big noise.

It came from Tara’s room.

Tarun ran to see what had happened.

A drawer of Tara’s cupboard was on the floor.

A frightened Tara was standing next to it.

“I tried to pull the drawer and it came off” she said softly.

Whatever was in the drawer was all over the floor.

There were beads, pieces of ribbon, scraps of cloth, stamps, stickers and many more things.

Tara knelt down to collect the contents.

Tarun too sat next to her to offer help.

“Do you really need all these?” he asked his sister.

“Just take only what you need” he advised her.

Tara looked at the items again.

She had been keeping them in the drawer for years.

Some she had not even noticed till they fell on the floor today.

“Do you need these scraps of cloth?” asked Tarun.

Tara shook her head.

“Then give them to Amma” Tarun advised her.

He helped her to sort out items as wanted and unwanted.

Together they arranged the wanted items in the drawer.

After that Tarun fit the drawer back into the cupboard.

“Thank you Aiya” Tara said smiling.

Tarun patted her head and returned to his room.

Tara picked the “unwanted” items.

She was planning to give it to her mother.

Perhaps Amma may find some use, she thought.



What was the noise that Tarun heard?

How did Tarun help Tara?

Why did Tara plan to take the “unwanted” items Amma?

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