Visitor to the verandah

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The school van stopped in front of Tara’s house.

Tara jumped off the van.

Mother was there to receive her at the gate.

After closing the gate they walked towards the house.

Something caught Tara’s eye.

She pointed at something round on the verandah floor.

“Amma what’s that?” she asked.

Mother too got curious and went closer to it.

“Oh it’s a baby tortoise” she said smiling.

Tata knelt down in front of it.

“Oh yes, it’s a baby tortoise?” she said excitedly.

 “It would have come from the marsh” mother guessed.

There’s a marsh behind next door.

It has a canal running across it.

“It would have crept under our gate” mother added.

“Where’s Shadow?” Tara asked all of a sudden.

She was worried that Shadow would harm the poor animal.

“Shadow is in the kennel” mother informed.

“We need to take this one back to the canal” she told Tara.

They decided to wait till Tara’s brother, Tarun returned from school.

Minutes later he came home.

He was so thrilled to see the baby tortoise.

“Let me keep this Amma” Tarun pleaded with mother.

“No Tarun, let it return to its home” mother protested.

“Yes Aiya it’s still too small” Tara too tried to explain.

“Besides, shadow will not let it be” she explained.

Tarun gave in.

“Ok ok I will leave it in the marsh” he agreed.

He gently picked the tortoise up and walked towards the gate.



What did Tara see in the verandah?

According to mother from where had it come?

Give two reasons that Tara gave as to why Tarun should not keep it?

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