Using tact

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The little girl held on to Tara’s doll.

She wouldn’t give it to Tara.

Tara was upset.

The little one is the daughter of Aunt Vanessa.

Aunt Vanessa is a friend of Tara’s mother.

Aunt Vanessa was paying a visit to Tara’s mother that day.

She came with her daughter.

The little girl was about three years old.

The two mothers were having a long chat.

Tara took the little girl around the house.

After a while she took her to her room to show the toys.

Tara has a very pretty doll.

When the little girl saw it she made a bee line to it.

She lifted it with both hands and hugged it.

After a while Tara tried to take it back.

“No I want it” the little girl grumbled.

Tara panicked.

Tara is very fond of the doll.

She could not think of parting with it.

She thought of a plan.

There’s a Mickey Mouse in Tara’s drawer.

It squeals when pressed.

Tara opened the drawer and took the toy mouse out.

She started squeezing it.

The little girl found that quite amusing.

She laughed and laughed.

“Do you want this?” asked Tara.

“Yes” the little one said nodding her head.

Tara gave the toy to the girl.

While doing that she quietly took the doll from girl’s hand.

Tara did not mind losing that Mickey Mouse.

She had another in the cupboard.

When mother came to organize tea Tara told her what had happened.

Mother smiled.

“Yes you have to be tactful at times” she agreed.

Tara was glad that she had used tact.



What made Tara upset?

Why didn’t Tara mind giving away Mickey Mouse?

What did mother say when Tara told her what had happened?

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