Speed without accuracy

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Tarun opened his big backpack.

At the bottom there was a big paper bag.

He took it out.

It had the bamboo sticks.

They were for the rope ladder.

The scouts had gathered around the big tree.

The scout master was supervising them.

The boys were to make rope ladders.

They were pooled in three groups.

Tarun was in group C.

Tarun walked up to group C leader Anup.

“Anup, the bamboo sticks” Tarun said handing over the sticks.

The scouts master had taught them the knots.

The boys have to make the ladder using rope and sticks.

All the groups started making the ladders.

It looked like group B was making their ladder faster.

“Done” cheered members of group B.

They had finished making the ladder.

The scout master helped group B to tie the ladder to a branch of a tree.

After that group B leader Varun started climbing the ladder.

As he stood on the first rung it broke with a noise.

He tried the second one.

That too broke.

The other boys could not suppress their laugh.

Even the scout master shook his head and smiled.

“Speed alone doesn’t make a good job of work” the master affirmed.

“The quality of tools is also very important” he added.

Group C finished making the ladder.

After it was tied to tree group leader Anup climbed on it.

The sticks were strong.

They didn’t break.

Tarun followed him to the tree branch.

He was glad that he had brought strong bamboo sticks.



Why did Tarun open his backpack?

What happened when Varun stood on the first rung of the ladder?

What did master say about speed?

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