Sharing and caring

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Tara has a few friends in the school van.  

Nitara is one.  

She attends another school.  

Nitara often brings sweets.  

She shares them with Tara.  

Tara however is somewhat disturbed by this gesture.  

Nitara speaks loudly about what she brings.  

Hence the others in the van observe her sharing sweets with Tara.  

Tara feels sorry that they don’t get to taste these sweets.  

She knows all the girls love sweets.  

One day Tara discussed this matter with her mother.  

“Don’t worry. We can sort out this problem” mother assured.  

A few days later mother made marshmallows.  

She put them in a small box.  

There was enough for all the girls in the van.  

Tara happily distributed the sweets to everyone.  

She even gave a piece to the driver.  

“Thank you Tara, thank you” everyone thanked her.  

Nitara too enjoyed the marshmallows.  

However she was a little thoughtful.  

The following week Nitara brought biscuits.  

This time she had brought biscuits for everyone in the van. 

“Thank you Nitara, thank you” everyone thanked her.  

Nitara was overjoyed.  

When Tara returned home that day she broke the news to mother.  

Mother too was happy.  

“Nitara wasn’t a selfish girl” mother explained.  

“That’s why she shared sweets with you” she pointed out.  

“It’s just that she had not realized that the others too liked sweets”  

mother said smiling.  

“When happiness is shared with more people it’s great” she added.  

“More the merrier” mother concluded.  

Tara totally agreed with mother.  



What made Tara a little disturbed?  

What did mother do after listening to Tara’s story?  

Why did mother say that Nitara wasn’t selfish?

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