Rose and the dress

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Tara was admiring the roses in the garden.

The yellow plant and the pink plant had flowers.

Tara counted them. 

There were four yellow roses and three pink roses.

When Tara got closer she saw that there was another yellow rose.

It was hidden by the leaves of the carnation plant.

Tara bent and tried to bring the rose from behind the leaves.

Something terrible happened then.

Her dress got entangled in the thorns of the rose plant.

Tara tried to pull the dress.

When she tried that the hem of the dress was torn by a thorn.

Tara loved her yellow dress.

She was horrified.

She ran looking for her mother.

“Amma my dress was torn” she said almost in tears.

Then she explained what had happened.

Mother had a closer look at the torn hem.

“Don’t worry, I can fix this” mother consoled her.

“Oh really, can you?” an elated Tara responded.

“Yes, I will cut off this hem and make a new one” mother said.

“It will make the dress a little shorter” she pointed out.

“However since the dress is long it would not look bad” mother assured.

Tara agreed.

The hem got entangled because the dress was long.

Tara was so glad that mother could save the dress.

“Oh Amma, I thought I would have to give up on the dress” Tara told her mother.

“As long as we know mending we can save our clothes” mother said smiling.

Tara nodded in agreement.



Why did not Tara see the fifth yellow rose with others?

What happened when she tried to bring that rose from behind the leaves?

How did mother plan to fix the torn dress?

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