The Cow

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The boys in the lane were playing cricket.

Nipun ran to the end of the ground.

He was to field from there.

Tarun was on the opposite side.

Play was in progress.

All of a sudden Nipun heard a noise.

He turned back.

A cow was speeding down the lane.

It was coming towards the ground.

Nipun started running towards the middle of the ground.

“Run, run” he yelled at the others.

Most of the boys ran away on seeing the cow.

However Tarun and a few others remained.

The cow came to the edge of the ground and stopped.

It stared at the boys.

It was a big white cow.

After a while it started grazing the grass.

The boys slowly assembled back in their positions.

“It won’t hurt anyone” Tarun assured.

“Yes it looks harmless. Must have lost its way” Akash said.

However Nipun was reluctant to go to the place where he was.

The cow was grazing close to where Nipun was earlier.

“Ok then I’ll go there” Tarun offered and switched places.

The cow looked up at Tarun and continued with grazing.

The boys continued their game.

A few minutes late the owner of the cow came looking for it.

The cow did not want to go for some time.

He wanted to eat the grass.

The owner watched the game of cricket till the cow finished eating.

Once it finished the cow left with the owner.

The boys watched them leave.

“Unless we harm them most animals would not harm us” Tarun told Nipun.

Nipun finally agreed.



What made Nipun run?

What did the cow do when Tarun went closer to it?

What did Tarun finally tell Nipun.

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