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Tarun burst into laughing again.

His classmate Savan too got up holding his stomach.

Savan had laughed till his stomach cramped.

Two of them were listening to their friend Aditya.

Aditya was sharing some new jokes with them.

He had learned them from a cousin who was visiting his family.

Aditya started telling another joke.

Tarun’s best friend Nikhil too joined them this time.

Towards the end of the joke another classmate of theirs, Tharindu went past them to his desk.

As he was passing Tarun, Nikhil and Savan laughed loud.

Tharindu turned back and frowned.

He thought the classmates were laughing at him.

Being hot tempered he is quick to judge people.

As a result he had only a few friends in the class.

Tharindu kept frowning at the three boys even after he sat down.

Tarun noticed what had happened.

“It looks like Tharindu had thought we laughed at him” he whispered to the others.

“Let him think so, it’s his problem not ours” Savan retorted.

However Tarun was feeling a little uneasy.

After the conversation was over he slowly walked up to Tharindu.

At first Tharindu ignored him.

However after Tarun cleared the air, he was in a good mood.

When Tarun shared a joke with him, Tharindu too burst into laughing.

Nikhil heard Tharindu’s laugh and turned back.

He saw Tarun standing next to him and realized what would have happened.

“Good that you cleared the air” he said when Tarun returned to his seat.

“You made his day” he added.

Tarun smiled.

He too felt good that he could clear up the misunderstanding.



From whom did Aditya learn the new jokes?

Why did Tharindu keep frowning at the boys?

Why did Tarun feel good?

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