Curd and profits

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Curd-and-profitTara and Tarun love curd.

However they had one disappointment.

It’s very rarely they get to eat good curd.

“Most of what is available is full of chemicals” their father used to say.

That worried them.

“Yes some are only thinking about profits” mother agreed.

“They don’t think of how bad preservatives are for people” she added.

Tara knew that preservatives are substances that keep food for long.

One day Tara’s father returned from work with a parcel.

Tara and Tarun were curious to know what that was.

Father opened the package.

A pot of curd.

“From Hambantota, original ones” father said beaming.

“Who gave them?” mother asked.

“Joe, he had been there over the weekend” father replied.

Uncle Joe is a close friend of father.

Mother kept the curd for next day.

After lunch the next day Tara and Tarun had curd with honey.

That was the nicest curd they had ever had.

It was very rich and there was absolutely no taste of chemicals.

“This is the best” Tarun said.

“Sooo nice” Tara agreed.

Mother was happy.

“Why can’t all curd-makers make good curd, Amma?” Tara asked

“Not everyone cares about the customers’ health” mother replied.

“Yes some are only concerned about profits” Tarun added.

Tara was glad that at least there are honest curd makers.

“But people will buy from bad vendors only once” Tarun said.

“Not for a second time” he added.

“Yes only the good one will survive in the business” mother agreed.



What was the disappointment Tara and Tarun had regarding curd?

What are preservatives?

According to mother why don’t all curd makers make good curd?

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