Aditya’s treat

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School started after the New Year break.

“Did you wish Aditya for his Birthday?” Savan asked Tarun.

Tarun thought for a second.

It had forgotten to wish Aditya.

Aditya’s birthday was on the 14th, the New Year day.

About nine days had already passed.

Tarun felt bad and thought of apologizing once Aditya comes.

Just before the first bell Aditya entered the class room.

He was carrying two big bags apart from his rucksack.

Tarun walked up to Aditya and apologized.

“Oh no problem, everyone forgets it because of New Year” a cheerful Aditya consoled his friend.

“By the way I have something for you” he added.

“Cake?” an inquisitive Savan, who was standing behind, Tarun asked.

“Nope” Adiya said pulling something from one of the bags.

He took out a small pack.

From the pack he took out a few cloth serviettes.

They were of different pastel colours.

“My grandma organized these for you all” Aditya informed.

“There’s a handloom mill in the village” he explained.

“Grandmother organized serviettes for the whole class” he said smiling.

Tarun and Savan were stunned.

“Thirty eight serviettes” a beaming Aditya said.

“This one with letter ‘T’ on the border, is for you” he said giving one to Tarun.

 “And one with S for you” he said giving another to Savan.

“I got the letters stitched only for the friends” Aditya said smiling.

“It’s not nice to bother grandma to get them on all” Aditya explained.

Tarun and Savan were overwhelmed by this gesture.

“Please tell grandmother we thanked her profusely” both told Aditya.

“Grandmothers are like that. They are always so large-hearted” Savan told Tarun.

Tarun agreed totally.



Why did Tarun feel bad?

What did Tarun and Savan get from Aditya?

What did Savan say about grandmothers?

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