Mayuka’s stomachache

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New Year visiting had begun.

Tara’s family was visiting her aunt.

Tara’s brother Tarun looked forward to the visit.

The aunt’s son Mayuka and Tarun are good friends.

Aunt and uncle warmly welcomed everyone.

However Mayuka was not to be seen.

“Where’s Mayuka?” inquired Tara’s mother.

“In his room, he has got a stomachache” replied aunt.

Tarun was a little disappointed.

“Go and ask Mayuka how he got it” Aunt told Tarun.

Tarun became curious.

He went looking for his cousin.

Mayuka was seated on the bed.

“What happened?” asked Tarun.

Mayuka smiled sheepishly.

Tarun became more curious.

“Twenty kokis went missing at one go” Mayuka informed Tarun.

Tarun was all confused.

“What happened to them?” asked Tarun.

“They all disappeared into my stomach” Mayuka explained.

It was then only that Tarun understood what his cousin had done.

“You ate twenty kokis at one go?” he asked.

Mayuka nodded.

Tarun burst out laughing.

“No wonder you developed a stomachache” he said.

“But that’s beside cake and kavum” Mayuka added, smiling.

Then he sobered again.

“I really suffered Tarun. It was a terrible pain” he explained.

“It spoiled my whole New Year” he added with a sigh.

“You should have known the limit” Tarun affirmed.

“Yes that was a good lesson for me” Mayuka agreed.

“I should stop overeating at least from now onwards” he added.

The two cousins continued their conversation.



Why did Tarun look forward to the visit to his aunt’s?

What caused Mayuka’s stomachache?

What did Mayuka say that he should stop from there onwards?

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