The Koha returns

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Koha new

The April New Year was around the corner.

Tara kept staring at the bird feed.

She was expecting the Koha, the Koel there.

A couple of weeks back Tara heard the Koha singing.

However it came from a faraway place.

After that Tara did not hear any singing.

New Year would be empty without Koha singing, thought Tara.

“Aiya, why aren’t we seeing the Koha anymore?” Tara asked her brother

Her brother Tarun thought for a while.

Then he explained.

The marsh behind their neighbour’s house was being cleaned.

The marsh had a lot of trees and was a mini sanctuary for birds.

Some trees were destroyed during the cleaning of the canal in the marsh.

 “Some of the birds would have lost their homes” Tarun explained.

‘That’s why we get only a few birds to feed these days” he added.

Tara was disappointed.

 “However the workmen have left the trees in the middle of the marsh intact” Tarun emphasized.

“They would have realized the importance of keeping the trees” he added.

“So perhaps the Koha might come a little later” he continued.

Tara thought it was nice.

One day, early morning, Tarun came looking for Tara.

He asked Tara to keep silent and follow him.

Tara tiptoed behind him.

They came to the window of Tarun’s room.

Through the window Tarun pointed at something on the mango tree.

There, perched on a branch was the Koha.

Tara’s eyes glistened.

She kept looking at the bird.

After a while the Koha landed on the bird feed.

Tara was elated.

She was so happy that the canal cleaners had spared some trees, for the birds.



What did Tara think about the April New Year without the Koha’s singing?

How did part of the trees in the marsh get destroyed?

Where did Tara see the Koha when she looked through Tarun’s window?

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