A story on cobwebs

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It was a Sunday morning.

Tara was seated on the garden bench.

She was going through a picture book on Africa.

Tara was fascinated by the pictures.

After a while she saw her father entering the verandah.

He had a broom in his hand.

Tara saw father looking at the low verandah ceiling.

Tara became curious.

“Thaththa what are you going to do?” she asked.

“To remove these cobwebs on the ceiling” father replied.

Tara left the book on the bench.

She walked up to the verandah.

Tara noticed that father didn’t remove the cobwebs at once.

First he hit a side of the web with the broom.

It was only after that he removed the cobwebs.

“Why do you tap the sides of the cobweb first Thaththa” Tara asked.

“To warn the spider, Tara” father replied smiling.

“Once I hit the side the spider runs away” he added.

Tara thought for a while.

She knew that the web was spider’s house.

She felt sorry for the spiders.

“It’s their house isn’t it Thaththa?” Tara asked again.

“Yes and they can’t help being born spiders” he explained.

Yes that’s true, Tara thought.

She was glad that father had spared the spiders.



What was Tara doing on the garden bench?

Why did father tap the sides of the cobweb first?

What made Tara glad?

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