The smoker

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Tara was excited.

Father was at the ticket counter.

He was buying tickets for the play.

Tara waited at the verandah of the theatre with her mother.

Her brother Tarun was walking up and down the verandah.

They were all eagerly awaiting to see the play.

Tara had heard so many nice things about it.

All of a sudden Tara smelt something strong.

A cigarette smoke.

She turned back.

A man standing behind her was smoking.

Tara was very distressed.

She knew how harmful cigarette smoke is.

“Amma that person is smoking” Tara whispered to her mother.

Mother took Tara away from him.

A few others too walked away from the smoker.

Suddenly an employee of the theatre walked up to him.

He pointed at a board which said “Smoking is prohibited”.

The smoker hurriedly walked out.

He returned immediately afterwards without the cigarette.

Tara was so relieved.

“It was good that he was warned” mother told Tara and Tarun.

“Yes, he was not only ruining his health but ours as well” Tarun said.

That was very true, thought Tara.



Why was Tara distressed?

Why did the smoker walk out?

What did Tarun say about smoker?

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