A nice gesture

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Tarun thought Nipun was so lucky.

Nipun’s grandfather was to spend a few weeks at Nipun’s.

He was to do some medical tests in Colombo.

Nipun’s grandfather was a good storyteller.

Every evening Tarun visited him to listen to his stories.

Grandfather related interesting stories about kings.

One day when Tarun went there Nipun was having a shower.

His parents had gone out.

Grandfather was seated on the floor, looking for something.

“What’s it grandpa?” Tarun asked.

“Oh I dropped the capsules putha” grandfather replied smiling.

Tarun found them for Grandfather.

Grandfather’s hands and fingers are very weak.

Tarun had seen him dropping his medicines before as well.

He felt so sorry for grandfather.

Tarun remembered something.

He excused himself and ran home.

After a couple of minutes he returned with a capsule tray.

It was brought by Tarun’s father some time back.

However it was not used by anyone.

Tarun explained its purpose to Nipun’s grandfather.

Grandfather was so excited and happy.

He took it in his hand and admired it.

Tarun started arranging grandfather’s capsules in the tray.

As he was working on that Nipun’s parents returned.

They were so touched by Tarun’s gesture.

Both of them thanked him profusely.

Grandfather took Tarun’s hand to his.

He invoked merits on Tarun for the good deed.

Tarun felt so good.

He was so happy that he could help Nipun’s grandfather.



Why did Tarun visit Nipun’s grandfather every evening?

What was grandfather doing while seated on the floor?

What was Tarun doing when Nipun’s parents returned home?

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