The relay

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Tara stood up and cheered for Anjula.

Anjula was running the relay for Red House.

Tara was also in Red House.

She was the reserve.

So she did not run.

“Come on, Anjula faster, faster,” Tara shouted.

Everyone else in the Red House too was cheering.


Anjula passed the baton to the next girl.

Red house team was running second.

They were behind Blue House.

However right behind Red House was Green house.

There was a tiny gap between the two.

Tara was worried that the Greens would overtake the Reds.

Orange House was behind everyone else.

Tara had been practicing with the team.

Although she was not running Tara was happy for the team.

The Red House team continued to maintain the gap with the Green House.

However it could not beat Blue House.

Finally Red House came second.

There were loud cheers from the House Tent.

The loudest cheering, however, came from Blue House, the winner.

The Red House relay team returned to the house tent after a few minutes.

There were hugs and cheers.

Tara ran to Anjula.

Anjula’s mother wanted to take a team photograph.

Tara watched the team posing, with smiles.

“Oh Tara come, come” Anjula requested.

“Yes, come” team leader Savani too invited her.

Tara shyly went towards them and stood next to Anjula.

She thought it was very nice of the team to call her for the photo.

Anjula’s mother took the photo with her phone.

After the photograph they all checked the photo on the phone.

It was a beautiful shot.

Tara was so happy.

She was happy for the team and for herself too.



Why didn’t Tara run in the relay?

What worried Tara?

What did Tara think when she was asked to pose for a photo?

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