Saving the shade

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The gate bell rang.

Tarun opened the gate.

It was his friend Nipun.

He looked distraught.

“Come, hurry up” Nipun pleaded.

“Somebody is cutting that Veralu tree” he added.

There’s only one Veralu tree to the whole lane.

It was right next to their playground.

Tarun ran to his mother and informed her.

After that he joined Nipun and ran towards the end of the lane.

Soon they reached the plot where they play cricket.

A few adults in the lane too were present.

Nipun’s father was among them.

They were talking to a man with an axe.

The residents in the area were arguing with him.

“The tree is not exactly in your Sir’s land” they maintained.

“The root has grown big, now it’s between his and also this land” they said pointing to the ground.

The children too were insisting the same.

They love the Veralu tree.

Other than bearing fruit it also provides shade for the boys.

“Can you give us your Sir’s mobile number” a resident from the area asked.

The man with the axe checked his phone and read out a number.

Nipun’s father dialed the number.

He explained the problem methodically.

After that he passed the phone to the man with the axe.

“Your Sir wants to speak to you” Nipun’s father told him.

The man spoke a few words with his employer.

“Ok Sir” he replied.

After that he took the axe and went to the other side of the land.

He started clearing the overgrowth.

Nipun’s father spoke to the children.

“The owner of the land said that you children can have the tree” Nipun’s father explained.

“Hurray” a jubilant gang of boys yelled.



About what did Nipun inform Tarun?

What did Nipun’s father do after dialing the number?

What had the owner of that land told Nipun’s father?

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