Second thoughts

Second-thoughts NEW2

Tarun tried to do his homework.

He was disturbed by a volley of barks.

Tarun got up from his chair and went to the verandah.

He noticed what had caused the commotion.

The neighbour’s cat was on their bud mango tree.

Shadow was barking loud from under the tree.

Tara too came running into the garden having heard the barks.

Tarun tried to catch hold of Shadow.

However Shadow was quite uncontrollable.

Somehow Tarun caught him by his collar and pushed him to the kennel.

Meanwhile Tara ran into the house.

She returned to the Veranda with their cat, Kitty.

Tara wanted to show the cat on the tree top, to Kitty.

Kitty got so angry when he saw the neighbour’s cat.

He scratched Tara and jumped down.

Then he too started climbing the tree.

The neighour’s cat then climbed further up, being quite frightened.

Tarun was very angry after seeing what his sister had done.

“Now you climb up the tree and bring both cats down” he said angrily.

Tara looked down.

She knew she had complicated matters for her brother.

Now they brought the two cats down.

Tarun waited for some time and started climbing the tree.

He brought Kitty down with him.

Afterwards he went into the house.

Tara followed him quietly.

When she returned after some time the neighbour’s cat was not seen on the tree.

Tara assumed it had gone back to the neighour’s compound.

She told herself she would think twice before doing anything thereafter.



What made Shadow bark loud?

Why did Tara bring Kitty to the garden?

What did Tara finally tell herself?

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