A painful lesson

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Tara quietly slipped into her pink sandals.

The beautiful pair was bought last year.

However now they are too tight.

Tara and her family were at her mother’s friend’s home.

Aunt Naomi, Mother’s friend, lives in Peradeniya.

Tara’s family arrived there in the morning.

After tea they were to head for the botanical gardens.

Tara changed her shoes and wore the sandals.

She brought the sandals in her picnic bag.

“Tara why did you bring that pair? It’s too tight” mother warned.

“You will get shoe cuts” she warned.

 ‘Remove them and wear your shoes again” mother insisted.

“Please Amma, let me wear the sandals” Tara begged.

“Don’t complain if you get shoe cuts” mother cautioned her.

They got onto car and proceeded towards the gardens.

At the gate the family got off the car and started walking.

There were beautiful flowers and trees in the garden.

Tara started admiring them.

However her feet started to pain.

The sandal straps were cutting into her skin.

Tears wetted Tara’s eyes.

She held her mother’s hand and whispered.

“Amma my feet hurt”.

Mother looked at Tara.

‘Remove the sandals” she said.

Tara removed her sandals and gave them to mother.

She started walking barefoot.

There were shoe cut marks on her feet.

Tara learned her lesson.




Where does Aunty Naomi live?

What did mother ask when she first saw Tara’s sandals?

What made Tara’s eyes teary?

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