Bitten by the Flu bug

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The chilly weather was continuing.

Several of Tara’s classmates got the flu.

Tara enjoys good immunity.

However this time she too was bitten by the flu bug.

After that her father got infected.

Tara stayed at home for three days.

On the 4th day she went to school.

Father stayed at home as he was still recovering.

When Tara returned home her mother was nowhere to be seen.

Only her father was there.

 “Thaththa where’s Amma?” Tara asked.

“She is in the room, resting” father replied.

“Has she too got the flu?” a wide-eyed Tara queried.

Father nodded her head.

Tara was upset.

Mother was fast asleep when Tara entered her room.

Tara went to her own room.

She changed her clothes and had a shower.

After that she had lunch with her brother, Tarun.

Following lunch Tarun started washing the dishes.

He refused Tara’s support when she tried to lend a hand.

Tara looked around to see whether there was anything for her to do.

Then she took the broom and swept the floor.

Around 3.30 pm she heard someone making tea.

She thought it was her father, but found that it was her brother.

Tarun offered Tara her mug of tea.

She thanked him.

“Shall I take Amma’s?” Tara asked.

Tarun nodded his head in approval.

Tara felt good that her brother was shouldering responsibilities.

She was glad that she could help him in her own way.



Why did father stay at home?

What was mother doing when Tara entered her room?

What did Tara finally think about her brother?

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