Lesson learned from a fall

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Tarun could not help laughing.

So couldn’t his friend Nipun.

However they felt sorry for Kavan as well.

All the boys in the lane had joined in a game of cricket that day.

It was played in the deserted grassy patch at the end of the lane.

Kavan was the first to bowl.

He was to bowl to Tarun.

As Kavan was running to bowl he slipped and fell.

He fell in a funny way that everyone burst out laughing.

Kavan too laughed.

Tarun ran to Kavan to see if there was any injury.

Kavan had sprained his leg.

It was not so bad though.

However he could not continue bowling as a result.

Hiran, the bully in the lane, took the ball from him.

“What men, you don’t have energy even to run” he told Kavan sarcastically.

Tarun tried to defend Kavan.

“I think the ground is slippery due to last night’s drizzle” he said.

“What drizzle, just lazy legs” Hiran replied.

Having said that he started running to bowl to Tarun.


Hiran slipped, just like Kavan.

Since he was big made the fall looked even funnier.

There was a loud roar of laughter.

Tarun ran to Hiran.

Hiran grimaced with embarrassment.

There were no broken bones.

“I think the ground is wet” he told the others.

“Really? Wasn’t it wet when Kavan fell” asked Nipun.

Hiran just smiled.

He knew he was wrong in humiliating Kavan.

Tarun and Nipun hoped that Hiran would learn a lesson at least that day.



Where did the boys in the lane play cricket?

What did Tarun say when Hiran tried to ridicule Kavan?

What did Tarun and Nipun hope for finally?






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