Giving up nail biting

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Tara sat on her chair.

Her friend Anjula turned towards her.

“Do you know what has happened to Thulashi?” she asked Tara.

Tara shook her head.

“She has a finger bandaged” Anjula replied.

A surprised Tara turned back.

Thulashi sits in the row behind Tara’s.

“What happened?” Tara inquired.

Thulashi blushed.

“It has got wounded” she replied.

Tara got curious.

““How?” she inquired.

“I bit it” Thulashi said softly.

Then it dawned upon Tara.

Yes, Thulashi has the habit of biting her nails.

All her finger nails look untidy as a result.

So she would have bitten the nail in that finger hard.

“Does it hurt?” asked a sympathetic Tara.

“Yes, the doctor put some medicine” Thulashi replied.

Anjula joined in the conversation.

“At least now stop biting your nails” she advised Thulashi.

Thulashi smiled.

“That’s what my mother also says” Thulashi informed.

Tara’s best friend Amanda was listening to them.

“Habits are easy to pick up, but difficult to give up” she told her friends.

Tara thought about that.

She remembered how difficult it was for her to give up one habit.

She had the habit of biting the strap of her water bottle.

However willpower helped her gave it up.

She reminded Thulashi of that.

“If you try your best you can give up biting nails” Tara told her.

Thulashi was glad to hear that.



What was the question Anjula asked when Tara sat down on the chair?

What was the bad habit that Thulashi had?

How did Tara give up her habit of biting the strap of her water bottle?

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