Time to make a choice

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Mayumi is a cousin of Tara’s.

She is the eldest among all her cousins.

Mayumi received her Advanced Level results recently.

She had got selected to the Medical faculty.

Everyone at Tara’s home got excited hearing the news.

“Mayumi Akka will be a doctor one day” mother explained to Tara.  

Tara was overjoyed.

She was thoughtful for a few seconds.

Tara’s brother Tarun read Tara’s mind.

He wanted to provoker his little sister.

“Now don’t say you also want to be a doctor” he told Tara.

“You have been saying you want to be an engineer” Tarun reminded.

Tara looked confused.

“Ever since we went to see Victoria dam you wanted to be an engineer” he reiterated.

Mother felt sorry for Tara.

She knew that Tarun was pulling Tara’s leg.

“Don’t be wicked ” mother told Tarun.

“She can change her ambition anytime she wishes” she pointed out.

Tara was relieved.

“But doctors can’t build dams, remember” Tarun said smiling.

After that he went to his room.

Tara looked at her mother.

Mother stroked Tara’s head.

‘Don’t take Aiya’s jokes seriously” she told Tara.

 “You have many more years to go for the A/L exams” she pointed out.

“You can pick any stream – science, Maths, commerce or Arts then” mother added.

“If you want to be a doctor then pick science. If you want to be an engineer then do maths” she explained.

Tara felt better.

She was glad that there’s still more time to decide.



What made everyone at Tara’s home excited?

What had been Tara’s ambition to that date?

What stream should be followed if one wants to be an engineer?

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